Playing ‘Kucing Sumput’ at the Hospital

Playing ‘Kucing Sumput’ at the Hospital

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Finally, last Friday, I joined Happy play again. I came to RSHS pediatric clinic, and felt a little bit different. It was so quiet. Then I realized, that today was a school holiday. The kids must be in their vacation. So, there were fewer kids than usual.




At first, I just played with the volunteers, because the patients were only babies. But soon, the kids came and started to play with us. We played Jenga, Jumping Pixies, Tohu Wabohu etc. We really had a great time and a lot of fun.





I also brought one special game that day. It’s called Kucing Sumput, one of Kummara’s product. I asked one little boy

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(6 years old) to play Kucing Sumput and Candra also joined us. The little boy was so excited and followed the rules easily. He really enjoyed the game. When we finished the game, he asked us to play it again.. and after we finished the second round, he asked again and again until Happy Play that day went to end :D.





I had wonderful time that day. I hope the kids and the volunteers (Anchi, Candra, Windy, Iqbal) feel the same.

Kanty Kusmayanty


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