Dual Blade Class Comes To MapleStory M In Latest Update

Dual Blade Class Comes To MapleStory M In Latest Update

Mobile MMO MapleStory M has released its latest class into the game, this time debuting the rogue thief Dual Blade. To go along with the class release, the MMO is hosting an event to help players along their way with leveling up, as well as earn rewards.

It doesn’t seem that long ago we were writing news about a Dual Blade class being released in an MMO, but here we are asMapleStory M is also releasing a dual-wielding class, the Dual Blade, into its mobile world today. The Dual Blade itself is described as being “nimble and acrobatic,” wielding a dagger and katara as they deal DPS in flashy style.

Via a press release today:

“Nimble and acrobatic, the all-new Dual Blades are rogue thieves that have forsaken the Dark Lord that rules their guild. Armed with a dagger in one hand and a katara in the other, Dual Blades are agile and resilient, being able to receive numerous attack bonuses and obtain an extremely high critical hit rate. The highly mobile Dual Blade can chain together flashy combos and possess a very high dodge rate.”

The Dual Blade class also brings a new area, Victoria Road, as well as limited-time in-game events to celebrate the class. These include level up events, as well as gain rewards based on the number of missions you complete from now through October 19th.

You can downloadMapleStory M on iOS and Android devices. Check out the Dual Blade trailer from Nexon in the embed below.

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