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Hey everyone! I’m Mark Yampolsky and I’m a Systems Designer on Apex Legends. In Apex Legends Season 6: Boosted, we’re adding a new way for players to build out the loot in their inventory – Crafting.

In any Battle Royale, as players travel around the map and pick up loot, the vast majority of it gets concentrated in player inventories. That means, as an aggressive player, the best way to get the loot you want is to win fights against other squads and loot their deathboxes. For players who may play a bit more defensively, or might have just had bad luck with the loot on the ground – this puts them at a severe disadvantage in any fight they might be forced to go into.

With Crafting, we want to give players the opportunity to build an inventory worthy of a late-game fight while encouraging more diverse playstyles beyond combat – specifically, exploring the map and traversing from one town to another.

Search and Deploy

Around the map you’ll find plenty of opportunities to collect Materials that you can use to craft new pieces of loot. Certain points of interest around the map will have devices from which you can extract Materials. These might be prominent named places like Capacitor or Epicenter, but they may be smaller towns as well – and they’ll change every match. Opening loot bins will grant you a small amount of Materials as well.

You can take these Materials to a Replicator. Think of these like 3D printers that can print new loot from scratch. Over the course of a match, you’ll be collecting Materials and using them to create new weapons, equipment, or consumables in addition to searching the ground for loot – and these two systems come together to help you build a kit that gives you confidence to engage with enemy squads.

What's on Tap

In the Replicator, you’ll find eight different pieces of loot that you can craft, if you have enough materials. Some of this loot rotates on a weekly or daily basis, but you’ll always be able to see what’s currently craftable in the game mode selector or the map screen.

Weekly – You’ll be able to find equipment or high-tier consumables. Could be a backpack and helmet, or knockdown shield and Mobile Respawn Beacon.

Daily – You’ll be able to find weapons and attachments. Attachments will always be compatible with the weapon on rotation, and generally can be fit on other weapons as well. One day you might be able to craft an EVA-8 + Double Tap + 1x Threat Scope. On another you might find a Wingman + Skullpiercer + Purple Heavy Mag. There are weapons from every category, from shotguns, to LMGs, to sniper rifles on rotation.

Some items in the Replicator are permanent and will always be craftable. These include ammo and med kits, but also include something unique to help you build combat utility in a meaningful way.

Upgrading the Evo

You can deposit your evolving armor into the Replicator to reduce the number of evo points you need to level it up. This might even upgrade your armor for you if you’re close enough to the next tier. You’ll be exposed until you pick your improved armor back up, but it’ll recharge your armor back to full health for the trouble.

This is particularly exciting in context of the Meta changes we have planned for Season 6, where all armor in the game becomes Evo Armor – there are multiple paths to upgrade, from dealing lots of damage, to finding as many Materials you can and crafting it, to getting lucky and finding the Purple you need at a high-tier POI. We’re hoping this gives all types of players the opportunity to build the kit that helps them win matches.

Plan a New Path

Getting the most out of Crafting requires evaluating the map and rotations throughout the game. Each match we pick different towns where you can find Materials and Replicators, so players who engage with Crafting will be taking new rotations every time they play. Some towns will have more Materials than others, and some might be closer together – making it easier to get the Materials you need to get the loot you want.

In the mid-game and late-game, some Replicators will be airdropped from the stratosphere to help make sure you always have a place where you can craft loot with your hard-earned Materials.

Loot that is on rotation in the Crafting system will not spawn on the ground, meaning if the R301 and Anvil Receiver are on rotation and you want that firepower – finding a Replicator is a surefire way to get it, provided you have the Materials to pay for it. This loot is called out in several places so you’ll always be able to have this information at hand.

Perfect Your Craft

There are plenty of things to discover with the Crafting system. Between all of the different combinations of Weekly and Daily Rotations, to the new areas of the map we hope you discover as you engage in this system – we think there’s plenty of depth to help create a fun and different looting experience every match you play.

Mark Yampolsky

Systems Designer, Apex Legends

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