Trove asks players to side with fae or undead in latest event, releases the Bard class to Xbox and PlayStation

If you had to choose between undead horrors or trickster faefolk, which would you go for? That’s the question being asked of Trove players in the game’s latest event, which is tasking players with joining a side in a conflict between the fae and the undead. Or players could just choose both sides; the stakes aren’t really serious here because nothing is serious in Trove.Play Trove for free

From now until Tuesday, September 28th, players of the game on all platforms can speak with either the Undead Envoy Skullerd and the Fae Prince Fabio Fae La Fearso at the Hub, then enter new tombs found in the Fae Forest and Cursed Vale biomes to farm Marks of Honor that can be used to craft goodies like tomb Terraformers and the new Target Dummies block type. Those who are looking for a guide can check out one here.

Also on console — the Xbox and PlayStation ones to be precise — players can check out the all-new Bard class as well as a new crafting tier to Crystallogy that lets players craft allies, mounts, wings, and Bard costumes. Nintendo Switch players, meanwhile, will have to wait a bit longer for the update to arrive, though how long that bit is wasn’t specified. And if you’re looking for more Trove, we just wrapped up a month-long visit for CMA, starting with spear-wielding foxes and ending with impressive player-made Club Worlds.

sources: official forums, press release

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